HEADLOK was born from the collective love for the open road and the undeniable thrill of two-wheel adventures. I am an avid motorcyclist who recognized that the experience of riding could be further enhanced through innovative gear and accessories. The idea of HEADLOK started three years ago when I couldn't find a way of carrying my fitted hat while riding my supermoto. I created a few designs but they all fizzled out until earlier this year when the idea came back alive. After many iterations the final product you see now, was complete. 

Our Mission

At HEADLOK, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide riders with top-quality gear that not only enhances safety but also adds convenience to every journey. We believe that riding should be about the freedom and joy of the road, without unnecessary hassles or worries. Whether you're a seasoned biker or just starting your riding adventure, we've got something special for you.


Each product in our catalog has been meticulously crafted, starting from the ground up, and rigorously tested. Our relentless pursuit of making "gear that just works" ensures that we deliver nothing short of the best product for the needs of the rider. At HEADLOK, our unwavering commitment to functionality takes precedence over aesthetics. We firmly believe that when embarking on a riding adventure, your gear should seamlessly deliver on its intended purpose, providing you with not only exceptional performance but also unparalleled ease of use.

Our Commitment to You

At HEADLOK, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that the riding community is diverse, and your needs may vary. That's why we're always ready to listen to your feedback and suggestions, striving to evolve our products and services to meet your evolving needs.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible adventure. Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend warrior, or a long-distance traveler, HEADLOK is here to support your riding experience. We invite you to explore our product offerings, join our community, and embark on your next journey with us.

Ride Safe. Ride Free. Ride with HEADLOK.

Join us in making your motorcycle adventures easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Experience the road like never before with HEADLOK!