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Rev up your riding experience with HEADLOK, the innovative device designed to keep your hat securely in place while cruising on your motorcycle. 

 Key Features:


  1. Unmatched Security: HEADLOK is engineered with precision to ensure your hat stays firmly in place, even during high-speed rides and windy conditions. You can now enjoy the freedom of the open road without worrying about losing your favorite hat.


  1. Universal Fit: Our hat holder is compatible with a wide range of hat styles and sizes, making it the perfect accessory for any rider. Whether you prefer a flat cap, a fitted hat , or the classic baseball cap, if it has a button HEADLOK has got you covered.


  1. Easy Installation: Installing HEADLOK is a breeze. Just attach it to your belt loop or backpack or another convenient location, and you're ready to roll. No tools or complicated setup required.


  1. Durable Design: Crafted from high-quality materials, HeadLok is built to withstand the rigors of the road. It's weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance in all conditions.

Upgrade your riding experience with HEADLOK - the only motorcycle hat holder. Shop now and ride with security!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Looks like it works good. Instructions are pretty funny. Not good for long rides. Plastic on the inside broke and I lost my hat

Works great! Impressive

I've tested this out for a few months now and really like it so far. I haven't had any issues. It's very well built, substantial, and holds my hat very securely. Im impressed at the creative design of this clip and glad it's on the market. I'm my opinion, other alternatives just don't compare. Thank you for a great product!

Awesome idea

Cool product haven’t had a chance to ride with it yet. The final sanding went a little ham in a few spots only cosmetic.